Pharmacology and Vitreoretinal Surgery Free Download Pdf

Pharmacology Vitreoretinal Surgery  Since the advent of pars plana vitrectomy, immense technical advances in the treatment of retinal diseases have been made. However, some mechanically based limitations of vitreoretinal surgery may result in incomplete removal of the vitreous, especially at the vitreoretinal interface and at the vitreous base. Here, pharmacology can be of assistance. For instance, enzymes that cleave the vitreoretinal junction without damaging the retina or which induce liquefaction may be applied.

Pharmacology Vitreoretinal Surgery Free Download Pdf

Neuroprotective and antiproliferative agents may hold the promise of preserving neuronal function when the retina is detached or when proliferative vitreoretinopathy or proliferative diabetic retinopathy has developed. Earlier intervention is possible and can save visual function before the retinal cytoarchitecture is destroyed. Consequently, pharmacologic vitreolysis will change the current concepts of treating retinal and macular diseases. This volume is the first comprehensive up-date on pharmacology-assisted vitreoretinal surgery. Researchers in the fields of medical and surgical retina as well as retinal specialists and vitreoretinal surgeons in clinics will benefit from this topical summary.


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