Chinese and Indian Architecture: The City of Man, the Mountain of God, and the Realm of the Immortals Free Download Pdf

Chinese Indian Architecture City The vast land of continental Asia as seen from the embracing waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans is divided by the Himalayas into two major areas of cultural influence. Like two poignant air currents, countering and blending with each other in a stormy atmosphere, the Chinese and Indian traditions affect a large surface of the continent and nearby islands, leaving very few pockets of vacuum between. Today, both traditions are going through fundamental transformations that are probably as significant as any in their entire histories. If architecture is to continue to provide a valid setting for, and to participate in, the new cultural programs, new forms must come forth which will echo the difficult adjustments now being made deep within the very fibers of these cultures–the religious life of India and the family life and social organization of China. The superficial architectural continuity, on the other hand, as seen in such details as the upturned eave lines and stupa motifs.

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