Manual Therapy of the Spine: An Integrated Approach Free Download Pdf

Spine book describes the anatomy and biomechanics of each area of the spine, pelvis and TMJ, and the theories behind the subjective and objective exams. Working from this foundation, detailed explanations on the assessment and treatment of each of the various areas are given, enabling the student and clinician to differentially diagnoze, and integrate the results gleaned from the assessment, in order to formulate a working hypothesis.

Spine: An Integrated Approach Free Download Pdf

The sequential flow of the assessment is also detailed, with explanations as to its rationale, allowing a clinician of any proficiency level to use this book as a resource for an accurate biomechanical assessment, and the design of a specific treatment plan, based on those assessment findings. Recognizing the varying abilities between clinicians, most techniques are described with the patient sitting or lying in different positions. To help illustrate topics, case studies are included in a discussion format to highlight the evaluation and treatment techniques, as well as details about both the commonly encountered pathologies, and the more serious ones that can mimic a musculoskeletal dysfunction. To make this even more suitable for classroom use, appropriate chapters conclude with review questions and throughout, the book the follows the “Guide to Physical Therapist Practice.


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