Long-Term Effects of Stroke by BOGOUSSLAVSKY Free Download Pdf

Long-Term Effects Evaluating the major strategies used to prevent stroke recurrence, such as antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapies, this reference assesses the efficacy of pharmacological interventions, therapeutic regimens, and quality of care for stroke patients-detecting risk factors and potential mechanisms of stroke to prevent functional disability and increase quality of life, independence, and psychological well-being in post-stroke management programs.
Considers the complex issue of cost vs. benefit in post-stroke rehabilitation.

Long-Term Effects of Stroke by BOGOUSSLAVSKY Free Download Pdf

Addressing common dysfunctions that occur after stroke, including motor impairment, neurobehavioral changes, cognitive loss, emotional disorders, and dementia, Long-Term Effects of Stroke discusses
the patterns and epidemiology of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke
the development of neurobiologically based therapeutic strategies
the possible emergence of depression, anxiety, mania, and psychosis after stroke
pharmacological and cell-based modalities to enhance stroke recovery
Offering perspectives from leading international authorities in the field, Long-Term Effects of Stroke is a unique and valuable guide for clinical neurologists; cardiologists; cardiovascular specialists; cardiac, cardiovascular, and vascular surgeons; neurosurgeons; primary care, family practice, emergency room, and internal medicine physicians; physiologists; nurses, paramedical, and emergency medical personnel; and medical school students in these disciplines.


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