Architecture in a Climate of Change 2nd Edition Free Download Pdf

Architecture in a Climate of Change 2nd Edition

Architecture Revised to incorporate and reflect changes and advances since it was first published the new edition of Architecture in a Climate of Change provides the latest basic principals of sustainability and the future of sustainable technology.

Architecture in a Climate of Change 2nd Edition Free Download Pdf

Including new material on wind generation, domestic water conservation, solar thermal electricity as well as international case studies Architecture in a Climate of Change encourages readers to consider new approaches to building making minimum demand on fossil based energy.This book calls for changes in the way we build. For change to be widely accepted there have to be convincing reasons why long-established practices should be replaced. The first part of the book seeks to set out those reasons by arguing that there is convincing evidence that climate changes now under way are primarily due to human activity in releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Buildings are particularly implicated in this process, being presently responsible for about 47 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions across the 25 nations of the European Union. This being the case it is appropriate that the design and construction of buildings should be a prime factor in the drive to mitigate the effects of climate change.
One of the guiding principles in the production of buildings is that of integrated design, meaning that there is a constructive dialogue between architects and services engineers at the inception of a project.
The book is designed to promote a creative partnership between the professions to produce buildings which achieve optimum conditions for their inhabitants whilst making minimum demands on fossil-based energy.


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