Electrocardiography in Emergency Medicine Free Download Medical Textbooks Pdf

Electrocardiography in Emergency Medicine

When minutes – seconds – count, you can’t count on an over-read that someone will do tomorrow – or the next day. You have to be the expert right then – you have to understand the intricacies and subtleties of ECG findings so that you can protect your patients – and yourself – from the dangers of a missed diagnosis. And this ACEP book can help. It’s visual – more than 175 ECGs and rhythm strips. And it’s easy to read and understand cover to cover. It has 18 chapters covering the fundamentals, rhythm disturbances, typical and atypical presentations, ACS mimics, pacemaker dysfunction, metabolic abnormalities, pediatric considerations, and much more. Written by 25 experienced emergency medicine educators and practitioners – your colleagues. Edited by noted national emergency medicine faculty – Amal Mattu, Jeff Tabas, and Robert Barish. And published by ACEP – the emergency physician’s preferred provider of continuing medical education in emergency medicine for almost 40 years.



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