Electronic Devices and Circuits 6th Edition Free Download Engineering pdf

Electronic Devices Circuits Using a structured, systems approach, this book provides a modern, thorough treatment of electronic devices and circuits. KEY TOPICS Topical selection is based on the significance of each topic in modern industrial applications and the impact that each topic is likely to have in emerging technologies. Integrated circuit theory is covered extensively, including coverage of analog and digital integrated circuit design, operational amplifier theory and applications, and specialized electronic devices and circuits such as switching regulators and optoelectronics. For electronic engineers and technologists.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. The pn junction.
3. The Diode as a Circuit Element.
4. Bipolar Junction Transistors.
5. Field-Effect Transistors.
6. Amplifier Fundamentals.
7. Small Signal Amplifiers.
8. Ideal Operational Amplifiers.
9. Frequency Response.
10. Operational Amplifier Theory and Performance.
11. Advanced Operational Amplifier Applications.
12. Wave Generation and Shaping.
13. Regulated and Switching Power Supplies.
14. Digital-to-Analog and Analog-to-Digital Converters.
15. Special Electronic Devices.
16. Power Amplifiers.
17. Analog Circuit Building Blocks.
18. Introduction to Digital VLSI Design.
Appendix A. SPICE and PSpice.
Appendix B. Standard Values of Resistors and Reading and Selecting Capacitors.
Appendix C. Frequency Response Derivations.
Appendix D. Semiconductor Theory.







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