Evolving Trends in Urology ed. by Sashi S. Kommu Free Download Pdf

Evolving Trends book is the first in a series that explores the current evolving trends in urology. The focus of the book is broad and includes strata of the field including stone disease, telerobotic surgery and surgical simulation. The focus of the book is broad and includes strata of the field including stone disease, telerobotic surgery and surgical simulation.

Evolving Trends in Urology ed. by Sashi S. Kommu Free Download Pdf

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1 Tele mentoring and Telerobotics in Urological Surgery
2 Febrile Urinary Tract Infections in Children Less Than 2 Years of Age
3 Evolving Role of Simulators and Training in Robotic Urological Surgery
4 Prostate Stones
5 Ureteric Function and Upper Urinary Tract Urodynamics in Patients with Stones in Kidney and Ureter
6 Prevention of Bladder Tumor Recurrence
7 The Emerging Use of Smarthphone apps in Urology

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