Heating, Cooling, Lighting: Sustainable Design Methods for Architects 4 edition Free download Architectural Engineering Textbooks Pdf

Heating, Cooling, Lighting Sustainable environmental control through building design
Heating, Cooling, and Lighting is the industry standardtext on environmental control systems with the emphasis onsustainable design. By detailing the many factors that contributeto the comfort in a building, this book helps architects minimizemechanical systems and energy usage over the life of the buildingby siting, building design, and landscaping to maximize naturalheating, cooling, and lighting. This new fourth edition includesnew information on integrated design strategies and designing forthe Tropics. Resources include helpful case studies, checklists,diagrams, and a companion website featuring additional cases, animage bank, and instructor materials.

Designing buildings that require less energy to heat, cool, andlight means allowing the natural energy of the sun and wind toreduce the burden on the mechanical and electrical systems. Basicdesign decisions regarding size, orientation, and form have a greatimpact on the sustainability, cost, and comfort of a building.Heating, Cooling, and Lighting provides detailed guidancefor each phase of a design project. Readers will:

Understand the concept of sustainability as applied to energysources
Review the basic principles of thermal comfort, and thecritical role of climate
Learn the fundamentals of solar responsive design, includingactive and passive solar systems as well as photovoltaics
Discover how siting, architectural design, and landscaping canreduce the requirements for mechanical and electrical systems
In sustainable design, mechanical, and electrical systems shouldbe used to only accomplish what the architect could not by thedesign of the building itself. With this in mind, designers requirea comprehensive understanding of both the properties of energy andthe human factors involved in thermal comfort. Heating, Cooling,and Lighting is the complete, industry-leading resource fordesigners interested in sustainable environmental control.



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