GameMaker Game Programming with GML Free Download Programing Textbooks Pdf

GameMaker Game Programming with GML

Learn GameMaker Game Programming Language programming concepts and script integration with GameMaker: Studio through hands-on, playable examples with this book and ebook.

GameMaker Game Programming with GML Free Download Programing Textbooks Pdf


  • Write and utilize scripts to help organize and speed up your game production workflow
    Display important user interface components such as score, health, and lives
    Play sound effects and music, and create particle effects to add some spice to your projects
    Learn how to script common game features: artificial intelligence, collision, reading input, and player feedback
    Build your own example match-three puzzle and platform games.

In Detail

  • GameMaker: Studio is a popular game engine used to publish games to a variety of platforms. Although GameMaker: Studio’s drag-and-drop functionality makes creating games simple and fast, utilizing scripts can really help organize and speed up GameMaker’s workflow exponentially.
  • This hands-on guide will help you build a strong foundation in programming in GameMaker Language by taking you through several example games. Knowledge gained by the end of the book can be applied so you can build your own line of exciting games.

What you will learn from this book

  • Create script resources as well as custom scripts for events
    Learn how to import, compress, and play sound effects and background music
    Build particle effect systems to give games a little extra flare
    Track and display user interface elements such as health and scoring
    Program and interact with simple yet challenging artificial intelligence
    Read player input from a variety of sources
    Utilize alarms to create a clean series of events
    Establish a finite state machine to track a character’s current state
    Complete easy and fun games from start to finish.


  • A step-by-step approach to build your knowledge, starting from a simple “hello world” to discovering arrays, classes, and so on. Each learning point is explained in a practical way, carrying out tasks within the GameMaker development environment.



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