An Introduction to Architecture Free Download Pdf

An Introduction to Architecture

Introduction Architecture is an imaginative and creative blend of science and art in the design of different environments for people. Around the world, people need not only places to live, but also to work, eat and play.Architects transform these environments into concepts and then develop those concepts into images for buildings that others can construct based on those ideas. Architectural projects can be as small and restricted as an entryway or as large as an entire university campus. They can also span the possibility of everything in between.

Introduction Architecture Free Download Pdf

Architects are not only responsible for designing concepts, but they also serve in a leadership role that brings together budgetary and design requirements established by a client. These requirements can include the site where the building is to be constructed, needs of the individuals who will use the building and limitations regarding materials. Creativity, team leadership and decision making are also critical elements of successful architecture.

Overall, an architect is a licensed professional who has developed specialized skills for the purpose of designing buildings and making the visions of their clients a reality.

This guide will introduce you to the architectural profession, including the various practice areas and help you to understand how to best prepare for a lucrative and exciting career as an architect.


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