IPod & ITunes For Dummies 3rd Edition Free Download Textbooks Pdf

Imagine running your daily errands while listening to songs from five different albums, or creating a party mix that lasts all night long, or catching the news briefings while walking to class. Whether we’re commuting to work or heading off on a vacation, the iPod has revolutionized how we listen to music. Never before has a device with such capacity been so easy to carry that even the largest model weighs less than two CD jewel cases. IPod & iTunes for Dummies offers a comprehensive but friendly guide to this new technology that is sweeping the world.
This book has updated advice to help you get the hang of the most recent iPod upgrades. Some of the things you’ll find out about are:

Specs and information on the latest models, including the iPod Shuffle and iPod Photo
The way to set up iTunes on your computer
Tips for acquiring and managing music, photos, and podcasts
How to transfer music from iTunes to your iPod, how to play songs, and what to do if something does not function properly
Advanced techniques such as decoding and encoding, enhancing sound quality, recording and editing, and using your iPod as a hard drive
Written by computer experts and music enthusiasts, this complete resource will show you how to get the most out of your iPod and iTunes. Get ready to enjoy the wonders of this international phenomenon!



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