Keil: Pedestrian Bridges by Andreas Keil Free Download Pdf

Keil: Pedestrian Bridges

Pedestrian Bridges book at hand provides an overview of current tendencies in pedestrian bridge construction, of fundamental structural and functional requirements, of the various load-bearing sy Many Kielians were skeptical in regard to the design. There were repeated malfunctions of the mechanism upon startup, hence one of its nicknames, the “Klappt-Nix-Brücke” (Folds-not Bridge). In order to ensure crossing for pedestrians and cyclists, a hydraulically operated retractable bridge was built directly adjacent as an interim solution and is still used during repair and maintenance of the folding bridge. The Hörn Bridge is now accepted as a technical masterpiece and has become a tourist attraction.

Pedestrian Bridges by Andreas Keil Free Download Pdf

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