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A Linux smart home is about controlling and monitoring devices and information around your home using a standard personal computer, Linux, and its vast array of open source tools. You don’t have to be a master programmer to create one. If you like to tinker with Linux, Linux Smart Homes For Dummies will guide you through cool home automation projects that are as much fun to work on as they are to use.
Home automation used to be limited to turning on lights and appliances, and maybe controlling your thermostat and lawn sprinkler, from your computer. While you still might not be able to create all the Jetsons’ toys, today you can also

Build a wireless network
Create and set up a weather station
Automate your TV and sound system
Spy on your pets when you’re not home
Set up an answering system that knows what to do with calls
Increase your home’s security
If you know how to use Linux and a few basic development tools — Perl, the BASH shell, development libraries, and the GNU C compiler—Linux Smart Homes For Dummies will help you do all these tricks and more. For example, you can

Discover the best sources for Linux-based home automation devices
Set up a wireless network, create a wireless access point, build a bridge between wired and wireless networks, and route your own network traffic
Build a personal video recorder with MythTV that will record to DVD, or set up a wireless streaming music system
Create a smart phone system that takes messages and forwards them to your fax, modem, or answering machine
Build a weather station that notifies you of severe weather alerts
Control and secure your home automation network, and even check on your house when you’re away
The bonus CD-ROM includes all kinds of cool open source software for your home automation projects. Linux Smart Homes For Dummies even includes lists of cool gadgets to check out and great ways to automate those boring household chores. A smart home’s a happy home!



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