Port Designers' Handbook, 3rd Edition Free Download Pdf

Port Designers’ Handbook comprehensively updated new edition to the bestselling Port Designer s Handbook, gives essential guidance and recommendations for the layout, design and construction of modern port structures for practising port and harbour consulting engineers and contractors involved in the layout, design and construction of berth and harbour structures.



Port Designers’ Handbook third edition has been extensively revised to include the different berth structures required as a result of new cargo handling equipment affecting the loadings acting upon berth structures and larger vessels requiring increased water depth and, in line with PIANC recommendations, for the design of larger, more efficient container terminals. Further advances in knowledge since the last edition published are included with specific updates in the calculation of wind, current and waves forces and general safety calculations, recommendations and evaluation. Contents: 1. Safety considerations 2. Types of berth structures 3. Gravity-wall structures 4. Sheet pile wall structures 5. Open berth structures 6. Berth details 7. Container terminals 8. Fenders 9. Erosion protection 10. Steel corrosion 11. Underwater concreting 12. Concrete deterioration 13. Concrete repair 14. Port maintenance 15. Ship dimensions 16. Definitions 17. Conversion factors.


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