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Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge 3rd, 2014 Edition Intended for marine and electrical engineers, Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge provides up-to-date information on ships’ electrical systems to support the knowledge requirements of STCW at the management and operational levels, and will improve familiarity with electrical systems on board ships.



Covering the fundamentals, operating principles and safe working practices of most electrical systems and automation found on board ships, the book examines appliances, their circuits and explains common troubleshooting practices for faults. In addition to the study of electrical propulsion systems, including high voltage practices, a wide range of ancillary electrical arrangements are described, and detailed information on battery support, care and maintenance is provided. Fully illustrated and clearly written, Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge provides a thorough learning aid for management and operational level marine engineers, electrical engineers and electricians with limited experience of modern electrical applications, and students currently studying marine and electrical engineering. Contents: Chapter One – Ships’ Electrical Systems, Safety and Maintenance Chapter Two – Electrical Distribution Chapter Three – Generators and Main Circuit Breakers Chapter Four – Motors and Starters Chapter Five – Ancillary Electrical Services Chapter Six – Special Electrical Practice for Oil, Gas and Chemical Tankers Chapter Seven – Electrical Survey Requirements Chapter Eight – Electric Propulsion and High Voltage Practice.



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