Python: Python Programming Guide – Learn Python In 24 hours or less Free Download programming Textbook Pdf

Python: Python Programming Guide – Learn Python In 24 hours or less
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Python Programming Guide – Learn Python In 24 Hours Or Less is a book for beginners to dive deep right into the language with examples. No prior knowledge of Python required.

Python is a very popular programming language and will continue to be so, however, programming can be overwhelming. This book brings you a concise, straight to the point, easy to follow code examples with screenshots so you can begin coding in 24 hours or less. Invest in yourself, practice programming in Python and you will be a Python programmer in no time.

Here are some topics of what you’ll learn inside:

Chapter 1: Setting Up Python on Your computer

Chapter 2: Interacting with Python

Chapter 3: Boolean’s in Python

Chapter 4: Boolean’s and Conditional expressions

Chapter 5: Use of if – elif statements in making Multiple Tests in Python

Chapter 6: Use of Nested Control flow statements in Python

Chapter 7: Compound Boolean Expressions in Python

Chapter 8: Python Data Variables (Numbers, Lists, Tuples, Strings and Dictionaries)

Chapter 9: Basic Operators in Python for Calculations

Chapter 10: Opening and Closing Files

Chapter 11: Reading and Writing Files in Python

Chapter 12: Managing Databases
Don’t wait! Learn Python right away and enter the world of Programming and Software Development.
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