Satellite Positioning: Methods, Models And Applications Free Download Pdf

Satellite Positioning book is devoted to presenting recent results and development in satellite positioning technique and applications, including GNSS positioning methods, models, atmospheric sounding, and reflectometry as well their applications in the atmosphere, land, oceans and cryosphere. The book provides a good reference for satellite positioning techniques, engineers, scientists as well as user community.

Satellite Positioning: Methods, Models And Applications Free Download Pdf

Satellite positioning techniques, particularly global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), are capable of measuring small changes of the Earths shape and atmosphere, as well as surface characteristics with an unprecedented accuracy.

1 Calibration of the GNSS Receivers – Methods, Results and Evaluation
2 Network Real Time Kinematic (NRTK) Positioning – Description, Architectures and Performances
3 GPS-based Non-Gravitational Accelerations and Accelerometer Calibration
4 High-order Ionospheric Effects on GPS Coordinate Time Series
5 Sea Level Changes Along Global Coasts from Satellite Altimetry, GPS and Tide Gauge
6 Sensing Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV) using GPS in Turkey -Validation and Variations
7 Ionospheric W Index Based on GNSS TEC in the Operational Use for Navigation Systems
8 Ionospheric TEC Variations at low Latitude Indian Region
9 Sensing Bare Soil and Vegetation Using GNSS-R -Theoretical Modeling
10 Surface Reflectance Characteristics and Snow Surface Variations from GNSS Reflected Signals
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