Third-Generation and Wideband HF Radio Communications Free Download Pdf

Third-Generation Written by the developers of the new 21st century HF (high frequency) radio technology, this groundbreaking resource presents the powerful new capabilities and technical details of 3G and WBHF (wideband high frequency) waveforms to help you understand and use the ionospheric channel for video and high-speed data transmission.Featuring more than 150 illustrations, this practical book enables you to utilize this technology to communicate voice and data over the horizon without needing anyone else s infrastructure, send video beyond line of sight from moving platforms, and communicate over long ranges below the noise floor. You learn the rationale behind the new US and NATO standards for HF radio communications directly from their developers. Additionally, the book looks at the future direction of this technology and areas requiring further research.Contents: HF Radio. The HF Channel. Data Transmission In 3 KHZ Channels. Automatic Link Establishment. Third Generation Technology. WBHF. Future Directions.

 Third-Generation and Wideband HF Radio Communications Free Download Pdf

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